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We have found  a new treatment option in the States, at the Burzinsky Clinic.

They wrote to me with the following information (summary):

All patients have to come to Houston for consultation with Dr. Burzynski, where personalized, individual treatment plan will be formulated. Consultation takes about 2 days, the treatment requires to stay in Houston for about 2 to 3 weeks on an outpatient basis.’

‘Based on increased activity of oncogenes we are selecting a proper targeted therapy. It may happen however that we may find no abnormalities in the expression of the genes which are tested. In such cases we may not be able to use most effective treatment.   ‘

‘The personalized therapies can be used at any stage in a patient’s cancer. We treat patients from the earliest stages to the most advanced stages where the cancer has metastasized to other organs. Because it is a targeted therapy, it does not matter where the cancer has spread because it shuts the cancer down at the DNA level.’

‘We use a targeted non-toxic therapy, which works by affecting the cancer cells at the genetic level. It does this without harming normal cells or healthy tissue. Therefore, there are virtually no side effects involved in our therapies.’

‘Once your optimal dosage level has been determined, you may take a supply of the medications and resume therapy from home. Each month, a new supply of medications and supplies will be sent to you for continued therapy. Many of our patients are on some sort of oral therapies so it’s not anything too invasive or difficult to handle while you are at home. The average treatment time for most patients generally ranges from 4 to 12 months. There are periodic follow-up visits scheduled about every 2 months so that the doctors can monitor your progress.’

This sounds brilliant and 100 times better than chemo, should the cancer come back, however these are the costs:

1. Physician review of all medical records before your consultation appointment: – $500 non-refundable payment to cover the cost of the physicians’ and clinic’s evaluation services.

2. Amount due at the time of consultation is as follows:

- $1,000.00 – which covers the initial consultation appointment

- $4,000.00 – required for lab work – Dr. Burzynski will order our specific Genetic Tumor Markers test. Once Dr. Burzynski receives these results he will determine a personalized therapy which will best treat your cancer.

3. After Dr Burzynski reviews results and determines your course of treatment a $10,000.00 deposit will be due to start basic treatment.

4. Additional deposits for prescribed medications will be required due to the FDA just recently approving some of them. Their cost can be very high. That’s  why we do not know the exact cost for treatment until these medications have been prescribed. (Estimated deposit for these medications can range between $7,000.00 – $15,000.00).

5. When you are discharged to go home the monthly deposit for basic treatment will range from $4,500 – $6,000, in addition to medications. From our experience, the treatment regimen may last between 4 to 12 months on average for the majority of our patients.

As you can see, not cheap (could amount to roughly $60.000), and that’s not including flights (every two months) and a stay in Houston ofcourse.

So, what my question is to anyone reading this: Has anyone heard of this clinic, has anyone  been treated there and is there similar treatment in the UK available? With it being such a lot of money, I want to be sure this is for real and hear from real people that know about it. And if I am ever going to need this treatment, I will have to do some serious fund raising. (I better start baking cakes!!!)


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  1. hi sheila,
    i have a friend who works in the medical field in houston, so i’ve asked him if he knows anything about their work or reputation. i’ll let you know as soon as i hear back from him.